Don’t Be Alarmed by Drug Testing

Drug testing should be a regular routine in schools, at home or the work place.

Drug test do identify if someone is using drugs but today, drug testing can keep preteens, teens and adults from experimenting with or using drugs.   Giving into peer pressure can be reduced if teens have a real reason to say no and if everyone knows drug testing is in place in one area of their life or another.  Drug test can also be informative if a person has addiction issues or not by identifying if someone cannot stay clean even with consequences in place.  The earlier this realization is discovered the sooner your teen or loved one can get help and have a better chance of living a comfortable life substance free. Drug testing can change and possibly save lives because this product can identify prescription medications or illegal substances being abused.   If your teen or loved one shows positive to a drug test, began real conversation and listen to determine reasons for drug use and seek outside help if the problem pursists.  The over the counter 10 panel drug test can identify 5 illegal drugs and 5 most abused prescription controlled substances.  Ask a phamacist or your family doctor if you need more help understanding how to preform or purchase drug tests which can be used as a tool to discourage drug experimentation and abuse.