Addiction is a Family Disease Impacting Trust and Relationships

Addiction is a family disease because everyone living around the person struggling with substance abuse becomes confused or doubtful.  Relationships are impacted as trust is broken many times by the person struggling with addiction.  The disease of addiction impairs a person's ability to make good judgements as they are more prone to lie and steal when addiction is left untreated or if relapse occurs.  Family members living with substance abuse situations are mentally impacted which can affect other relationships and lack of trust.  By leaning on others who have not broke trust will help ease the impact on your family through open discussions.  Working together as a family will decrease the chance of one of you becoming an enabler through deceit which leads to guilt.

Understanding addiction and why your addicted loved one breaks trust will help you sort through your feelings and trust issues with others.  Letting go of blame and shame will allow you to hold on to your healthy relationships and build new ones.  As you continue to learn and understand the disease of addiction, you will feel more comfortable to discuss the topic which helps everyone.  Relationships can be strengthened or rebuilt as you discover trust again and feel the support from those around you.  Addiction is a family disease but should not tear the family apart and impact the love you have for each other or others in your life.