Parents, Educate Yourself about Drugs and Teach Your Kids to Prevent Substance Abuse

It is extremely important for all parents to educate themselves about drugs and share the information with their young kids.  Drug awareness and education can prevent substance abuse and even save lives.  Family planning is knowing how to keep our kids healthy and safe therefore, family discussion about drugs and alcohol should be included.  Too many kids will not know how to avoid trying drugs, synthetic/designer drugs or avoid prescription drug abuse because they did not have a plan for themselves or are unable to recognize drugs. For some kids, trying a drug a few times can began their battle with Substance Use Disorder.  If parents do not teach and discuss drugs with their young kids, how are kids supposed to plan to stay substance free and be ready to face a drug filled world? It is never to early or too late to start discussing drugs and drug abuse as a family. 

Many parents believe if they tell their kids about drugs and educate them, they will want to try drugs but this is not true.  Kids will be curious but early drug education can reduce risk taking and poor decision making for many.  Some kids are more curious than others and will risk trying drugs anyway despite the dangers they know. Being a drug educated parent will help you recognize the early signs of substance use and allow you to seek help early for your kid. "Just say no" is not working and should be replaced with, "The more they know the better they can grow."