Signs that Signal Substance Abuse and Ways to Deal with the Reality

Is someone in your life displaying odd behavior? Are you finding items in your home which appear as if someone tried to hide them and they are out of place? Do you feel a little crazy trying to understand if substance abuse could be the reason and would like some help?  You are not alone and will find some answers in this article. Here are the top 10 signs that will signal substance abuse and possible Substance Use Disorder.   A helpful tip for you to remember: If you find an item in your home and not sure what it might be for, search the name of the item you have found along with "drug use" on the internet.  Many times you can find explanations and even images how items relate to drug use. These website sites are full of information and have 24 hour numbers you can call for help or questions. SMAHSA and Drug Abuse.

1.  Finding items such as: foil squares, small clear button bags, unlabeled pill bottles, pen casings, needles,  spoons, thin squares of paper, tightly rolled paper or money 

2.  Seems to need money frequently, stealing, making excuses

3.  Mood swings and eratic behavior 

4.  Sudden change in social life: more secluded and secretive

5.  Problems at school or work

6.  Lying or story changes often

7.  Auto wrecks and breaking the law

8.  Sleeps more or much less

9.  Aurgues more, attitude change, angry

10. Appearance changes: pupils dilated, eyes red or yellowish, more acne, red flush face, weight loss, yellow teath, slumping posture

Ususally more than one sign from the above list is present to signal substance abuse or Substance Use Disorder/disease of addiction.  Maybe your are shaking your head yes to finding or seeing these signs displayed by someone in your life or someone you live with.  Please do not wait, turn away or be silent.  Open healthy discussion, be willing to listen, calmy ask questions and have a third party present to hear and offer solutions. See the suggestions below to help offer solutions for the person of concern and for yourself while understanding and dealing with this troubling situation.  This possible reality of Substance Use Disorder is life threatning and your loved one could find themself with legal troubles and spending time behind bars.  

1.  Communication is a must, listen and share feeings.

2.  Find a counselor, Life Coach or mentor for them and you.

3.  Educate yourself about substance abuse and Substance Use Disorder.

4.  Be prepared that your loved one could need long term treatment to break habits. (1 year or more)

5.  Tell other family or friends your situation and find support for yourself.

6.  Do not be ashamed and ask for help.

7.  If the person of concern is a minor, your best chance to seek help for them is now before they become adult age.

8.  Bring your family together and talk to help everyone understand the situation if this person lives in your home. 

9.  Keep enjoying your favorite hobbies and past time which will help you manage stress.

10. Continue to find positive aspects in your life while dealing with negative situations to keep yourself healthy.